How Rude: Leslie Carbone booted from White House conference call

Posted by E!! on October 02, 2008
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Well, I am not personally acquainted with Leslie Carbone, but I’ve linked to her before and know she’s a true conservative, a very good writer, a prolific blogger and, perhaps most importantly, a Red Sox fan.


And I know she was abruptly and rather rudely disconnected from a White House conference call this week, after being invited by “The Office of Public Liason” to listen in on Barry Jackson, Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives and External Affairs.


She speculates that this post may be the reason she was banned.


Oh Yes, How DARE she tell the truth like that!


Seems to me the WH Liason office needs to do some decent Liasing – and at least apologize.


Beyond that, it really burns me that a few negative words about policy can get a blogger-journalist banned from WH conferences.


Please pass this on so it will spread like blogosfire.


(Hat Tip:  Blue Collar Muse)


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