Photos of ANWR

Posted by E!! on August 20, 2008
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 If you have not already visited Porter County Politics blog and viewed their photo and graphics essay on ANWR, you really should. 

The page includes graphics of ANWR’s location and size, photos the Lefties use to depict what ANWR supposedly looks like, photos of the coastal plain area where the drill rigs would actually go, some Google Earth screen shots, and local wildlife hanging out quite happily in Prudhoe Bay.

If this doesn’t convince you that we should drill up there, I don’t know what would.


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American Future Fund Strikes at Reid Again

Posted by E!! on August 06, 2008
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AFF is on Reid’s case again, this time via the radio airwaves in Nevada.  Here’s part of the transcript:

How’s Harry Reid using his position as Majority Leader to help lower gas prices?  Reid and Congress just took a five week vacation – instead of working to lower gas prices. Congress found time to pass National Apple Month, but Reid continues to block votes to explore for energy in America.

America has huge energy reserves, but Congress has placed up to 85 percent of them off-limits. Reid repeatedly blocks efforts to lift the moratorium on safe exploration off our coasts. Reid opposes exploring a tiny portion of Alaska – less land than the Las Vegas airport – and he’s against developing our massive oil shale reserves.

Call Harry Reid: 702-388-5020. Tell him his vacation should end and the Senate should vote on S. 3202.”

Hat Tip:  PolitickerNV

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