Formerly named E!! The True Conservative Story, this political news and opinion blog is wholly owned and operated by me, Elizabeth Thompson (formerly Crum). If you visited the Home page before you came here, you’ll see I haven’t been blogging much.

Content is not sanctioned by nor (necessarily) reflective of the views of my employer(s), associates, family, friends, fellow countrymen or neighboring homeowners association members.

For brevity’s sake, I sign everything — and am often called by friends and colleagues – “E”, a fact that inspired the original name of the blog.


– Regular guest on PBS Las Vegas‘s long-running Nevada Week in Review. 

– Occasional guest analyst/pundit on MSNBC and Fox News.

– Occasional guest commentator on KNPR news radio, KXNT news & talk radio, KSNV‘s Ralston Reportsand many other Nevada political programs and forums.

– My work has been noted in, quoted by, or has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, PoliticoNational Review Online, U.S. News and World Report, Washington Post, and many others.

– I am a confessed Twitterholic. You can follow me by clicking here.


– Conservative/libertarian political commentator and co-host of  The Agenda on KSNV Channel 3 in Las Vegas (October 2011 to October 2013).

– Political analyst for KTNV Channel 13 in Las Vegas (early 2010 to September 2011).

– 2010 political reporter for National Review Online‘s Battle ’10 elections blog. I was also a contributor to NRO‘s 2008 election prediction Symposium.

– Co-founder of RFCRadio.com (circa 2009), which has since morphed into FTRRadio.com, an internet radio station and podcasting portal featuring original news and political talk from America’s libertarian and conservative grassroots. The station serves as a training ground and platform for aspiring bloggers, radio personalities, pundits, podcasters and producers. Many members of the original team are still at FTR, and I am damned proud of them.

– Winner of the 2008 Sam Adams Alliance Golden Sammie award for “Blogivist of the Year” for the “Say Something, Do Something” spirit of this blog.

– Freelance blogger at various spots.

we the peopleMY POLITICS

I am a student of American conservativism but tend (increasingly, it seems) to be libertarian in my views, especially on social issues.

I believe government is necessary and that our nations’s social safety nets are worthy but am skeptical of the well-intentioned (and usually very expensive) intrusiveness of The Busybody State, aka Big Government.

I’m a bit of a populist. I am perpetually dismayed at the legalized collusion of Big Business, Big Banks and Big Government.

Like all conservatives, I’m wary of the unintended consequences of every choice.

I have little tolerance for the benevolent tyranny of either the far left or far right. Live and let live. (See the C.S. Lewis quote about moralizing busybodies on this page.)

I care about the truth and what actually works, no matter which “side” it benefits.


I subscribe to the Society of Professional Journalism’s Code of Ethics.

I always credit others — via copy and/or ReTweets and/or hyperlinks — for their exclusive work as well as for breaking news.

I am deeply dismayed at the many recent instances of plagiarism and story-stealing. We live in competitive times, but we each must strive to uphold the highest possible ethical standards and endeavor to see ourselves as part of a quasi-collaborative media community.


– Attended St. Clair Community College in Port Huron, MI from 1987 – 1989 with an emphasis in Journalism. I was the news editor and then became editor-in-chief of the weekly student newspaper, the Erie Square Gazette.

– While editor, I sued the college and Dean of Student Affairs — with the backing of the ACLU — for interference in newspaper editorial decisions including (1) making thinly veiled threats about the potential loss of my journalism scholarship and (2) stopping payment on a check to the printer in order to prevent publishing. I won the case; the dean resigned; and the newspaper forged ahead unhindered.

– Graduated from UNLV cum laude with a B.A. in English in 2010.


Both my paternal and maternal families hail from Massachusetts  (where I spent a few summers as a kid) but I grew up mostly in St. Clair, Michigan. Between the years in Michigan and Nevada, I lived in Massachusetts (2 years), Pennsylvania (3 years) and Florida (4 years).


Birthplace: Rota, Spain

Favorite cities: Boston, Miami, San Diego, Laguna Beach & San Francisco

Favorite baseball teams: Boston Red Sox & whoever’s playing the Yankees

Favorite state motto (New Hampshire): Live Free or Die

Peeps who most shaped my politics:  my Mom and William F. Buckley, Jr.

Interests other than politics:  literature; sci fi; films; travel; food/cooking; wine; architecture; blues & rock and roll