Obama-care Explained

Posted on July 15, 2009 at 4:08 pm

Here’s a clever, funny 1-minute video from the Independence Institute (known for short as “I2I”) explaining just one problem with Obama’s mandated health care program.

When presented with 1,000 page bills that even Congress doesn’t read or understand, we need more stuff like this:  short, simple, easy to understand close-ups on what a given policy actually means to a citizen.  People don’t personally process all the talk of “trillions” and “socialized medicine.” 

They pay attention, though, when they realize they are going to be penalized, or lose something.

While I’m praising I2I, a Colorado free-market think tank with personality – who knew a think tank could be fun? – they have an education blog called Ed is Watching written by a clever 5-year old named Ed.  And another blog called ”The Good, The Bad, and the Shameful,” which puts officials and special interests on record re: education reform.

Aspiring education reformers should go take a look.


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Dave Urban
16 July 2009

That video is hilarious! For anyone who wants more info on this health care “crisis” and some level-headed questions about it that our government isn’t answering, try this:


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