How I Found a WSJ Subscription Deal Invaluable Whilst Studying US Law

Over the last year, I’ve been planning on looking to move my family to the United States. As part of my law degree we were given the option to study international law, so I decided to focus quite heavily on the personal injury market in America.

Below is some information on why and how I searched out for WSJ subscription deals during my final university year, and how it helped me – you can do the same by visiting this Facebook – WSJ Subscription Deals page which has links into the best subscription discounts on the Wall Street Journal (or WSJ).

Why I Read the Wall Street Journal for Students

Part of that has mean that I have had to really get to grips with how the US market and US law works (for example have you seen this video case study!) in this little legal niche, and that has involved keeping tabs on the financial and legal news in America.

In the UK we cover North American news heavily with our own broadsheets, but in truth, the UK media doesn’t really get very deep into legal news. I found that to help my study there were quite a few things that helped, for example signing-up to US law groups on Facebook, but also reading American papers.

Covers Legal and Finance News State-side

The Wall Street Journal has been an absolute god-send, as it covers extensively both finance and legal matters, giving me a great insight into what’s going on and some superb insights into the law over there, which I was able to bring into my coursework in 2016 and 2017.

Paper Subscriptions Take a Long Time to Arrive

But of course, actually having a subscription to the paper-based version of The Wall Street Journal in the UK is kind of pointless, as by the time it arrives it will typically be at least 10 days out of date.

Finding WSJ Subscription Deals Online

I decided to see if I could find any WSJ subscription deals online, in particular aimed at students as in the UK you can usually get discounted subscriptions to publications if you can prove that you are studying at a university or college.

There are plenty of off deals and discounts available online but you do really need to dig deep and search out the best available ones if you want to get the best savings. Here are some helpful links that I found that you could find useful for your own studies – all of which go into far more detail than I ever could about Wall Street Journal subscription discounts for students studying abroad (e.g. not based in the United States).

The Benefits to Reading the WSJ as a Student

Whilst at university, plenty of times we would find that lecturers and professors would bring up the WSJ and relevant articles when talking about international law. Now a lot of the time you can go find that information online with a quick search, but a lot of the time, the real relevant details will be stuck behind the WSJ pay-wall.

You need to pay to get access to the whole story, rather than hearing commentary and news second-hand on other law and finance forums or blogs.

The point in reading law and finance news is not just to commit to memory what is occurring in the industry but also to get a feel for how global and American events can go onto influence policy, or related matters globally.

From my own personal opinion there are other papers which also do this such as The Financial Times and Economist, but the WSJ or Wall Street Journal does a far better job as it’s very focused on United States news and law.

My own studies into International Law have benefited greatly from subscribing to the Wall Street Journal, and I managed to get an annual subscription discount for half price, or 50% off. I believe these offers are still running, and that Facebook link towards the top of this blog page should give you everything that you need to know.


Hope it helps!


It’s Been a Bit Quiet Here!

Hi Guys, so it’s been a while since I updated the blog, as family and study has got in the way over the last 12 months or so. I’ve actually decided that I probably won’t be doing anything with the blog from now on, as Facebook seems to be my preferred platform for any form of social update and news.

I started up the blog with the best intentions in mind, and was hoping it would track my journey not just as a mother, but also my journey in becoming qualified as a solicitor. But as any of you will know who are studying and trying to be a good mum, sometimes life can get in the way!

I might add a couple of posts in the next few weeks, but after that not really sure whether or not I will continue. If you do want to follow me then just hit me up on Facebook instead, as that’s where all my friends and students will be able to keep up to date with me.

You can find a link to my profile on the AKA Lizzy page.

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